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Leg Spider and Small Vein Therapy

The second stage of our "double injury" treatment of spider veins on the leg is sclerotherapy (eliminating the problem vein by injection rather than by painful surgical intervention).

After we have treated the target area with the laser, and guided by either a light or ultrasound, we insert a small needle into the reticular vein ("feeder" vein that feeds the spider veins). We inject a highly diluted sclerosant that irritates the lining of the reticular vein, causing it to collapse and be reabsorbed by the body. Depending on the severity of the condition, one to several sessions may be required for each vein region, with each treatment session lasting between 20 and 80 minutes. Normal activities may be resumed 2 weeks after a sclerotherapy treatment. You will wear medically prescribed compression stockings for 7 days after treatment to protect the treated area and to reduce discomfort from possible side effects and from irritation.

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