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Treatment Options: Overview

Before we recommend any treatment, we review with you the complete history of your vein health and problems. We determine your present condition with a detailed venous physical examination and a duplex ultrasound (to rule out more serious problems with the major veins, problems that would have to be addressed before dealing with the spider veins).

Surgery is never on the menu at The Vein Institute of Toronto. We are world leaders in the use of sophisticated and precise laser equipment and techniques (many developed by our team, right in our own clinic) to solve any and all venous disorders.

Working with you, we develop a personalized treatment plan based on your schedule and goals. We use our own unique procedure that maps out all spider and reticular veins, ensuring that nothing is overlooked. The duration and number of sessions vary depending on the severity of the condition and the location.

Many facial veins can be treated in one session; however, most conditions on the leg require three to five treatments to ensure that all spider veins are treated. These treatments are spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart. Even in severe cases, you should see an improvement after 3 to 5 treatments.

We provide you with complete explanations and instructions for everything that you will do to prepare for your treatments (pre-treatment), and everything that you will do during and following your treatments to facilitate rapid healing and to minimize discomfort and reoccurrence. We are available to you at all times to review, to explain, and to make recommendations for any concerns you have. Our patient instructions are right here on this Web site for you to review and to understand. All information that you need will be explained to you throughout your treatment period, and provided to you in writing for reference and reminder.

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