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Treatment Options: Our Treatment Equipment

To study below the skin's surface by approximately 1mm, we use the revolutionary Syris 300T (patented sub-surface technology). Using this equipment allows a more complete assessment, which enables us to recommend the most effective treatment and the least amount of procedure time.

FlexiPluse S laser T

We treat spider veins with the D940 FlexiPulse S laser T. We apply laser energy through an extremely small and lightweight hand-held applicator. This device offers us multiple sizes of interchangeable applicators to precisely treat specific areas, and includes the smallest focal spot available anywhere in the world for spider vein treatment.

We are the first clinic in Canada to use the Zimmer Cryo Cool 6 T to cool the area being treated. Cooling the skin during treatment makes your treatment far more comfortable, and protects the outer layer of the skin from potential damage. Cooling allows us to increase the laser power to the most effective levels for maximum results in the minimum number of treatments.

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